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Verizon Tech Education and Career Training

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BakerRipley has partnered with Verizon to provide hands-on technology training. Students learn critical thinking and teamwork, as well as how to use new tools and technology. Students will also have access to new career opportunities and improve their skills.

Our program is for learners of all ages.

  • Youth After School Programs and Summer Camps: The middle school programs provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn problem-solving & computer-based thinking skills. High School programs introduce students to digital fabrication (using software to 3D print objects) electronics and programming using real-world projects. These classes can lead to career opportunities.

  • Skill Development for Adults: Training programs that teach adults and High School students 3D modeling, electronics, computer programming and digital fabrication.

  • Youth and Family STEM Events: Learn how to create specific projects using tools like the laser cutter, 3D printer, and soldering tools.

Workforce & Entrepreneurship Program Overview

BakerRipley’s job-training efforts in the Verizon Innovation Labs will include opportunities to connect individuals to better professional options. This is done through training, activities that prepare you for a career, and small business support. We will explore programs such as:

  • Career Certification Cohorts: Through partnerships with local training organizations, you can earn industry-recognized credentials for digital skills. These combine with hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning and programs that create a Pathway to competitive jobs.

  • Holistic coaching: One-on-one coaching to customize support for each student using a Mobility Mentoring © approach. Mobility Mentoring is the professional practice of partnering with participants. Over time the student acquires the resources, skills, and sustained behavior changes necessary to attain and preserve their economic independence. The model has four essential elements: Coaching for Economic Mobility, the Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®, Goal Setting, and Recognition.

  • Workforce cohorts: Groups of students on similar career paths work together as they explore industry-specific soft skills, networking opportunities, career exploration, etc.

  • Small Business training: Specialized small business training to help entrepreneurs succeed through tech solutions. These include online-retail bootcamps, product photography, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Digital marketing & product videos, and textiles (such as screen printing, embroidery, etc.) production through 3D print practices, etc.

  • Events: Special events to facilitate career networking and career exploration and ideation.

Digital Inclusion

BakerRipley will provide access to digital devices, tools, and skills for higher-level learning and career advancement through programs such as:

  • Basic Digital Literacy: Beginner and intermediate classes for students needing basic digital literacy skills.

  • Specialized Digital Learning: Courses that teach specific advanced technical and creative skills and softwares such as Adobe programs, web development, audio recording/editing, video recording/editing or photography.

  • Tech Lending Library: Laptop, software license, and hotspot lending for students.

  • Drop-In Hours: For students and community members needing 1-on-1 support with digital learning.


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