Our Inspiring Story of Community Transformations Viewpoint with
Dennis Quaid



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    Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid

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After 117 years of community impact and dedicated service, BakerRipley’s inspiring story of community transformations has been featured on the television series, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid. This segment will be broadcast on public television stations across Texas, reaching an estimated 60 million households throughout the program’s run.

With an award-winning development team and a production driven by a passion for making a difference, Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid features exceptional and influential organizations nationwide that are blazing a trail for creating lasting change. During this educational docuseries, BakerRipley’s story will inspire viewers and shine the light on our mission to provide resources, education, and connections to our Neighbors.

The episode segment, featured at the top of this webpage, delves into dynamic interviews with key leaders helping to shape BakerRipley’s success. You will hear directly from: Claudia Aguirre, President and CEO of BakerRipley, Gwen Emmett, Chair of the BakerRipley Board of Directors, Ernest Lewis III, Vice President of Community Impact and Vitality, and Dr. Roberta Leal, BakerRipley Board Member and Neighbor.  

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Learn more about BakerRipley’s history which expands for more than a century.

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