Workforce Solutions

Helping job seekers improve their skills, find employment, and advance their careers.

BakerRipley, in partnership with the Gulf Coast Workforce Development Board and the Houston Galveston Area Council, operates 12 offices in five counties to help job seekers improve their skills, find employment, and advance their careers.


BakerRipley would love to come alongside you in your search for a job that’s a great match.

The right job can be a tremendous blessing. A good job can highlight your skills and personality, provide for your financial needs, align with a passion, or provide a sense of fulfillment.

Whether you need help creating your resume, improving your interview skills, exploring options for a new career, or simply finding job leads, Workforce Solutions can help. We offer job training, upskilling services, appointments with a career specialist, job fairs and more. Our offices allow you to connect digitally, with access to computers and free internet so you can conduct your search online. Wifi extends to our parking lots so even after hours, internet access is available to you.

Workforce Solutions also partners with local businesses to provide recruitment and hiring services, as well as training and development programs for their employees.

Our entire system is designed to provide individuals, students, parents, teachers and counselors with up-to-date and useful information on careers of the future—focusing on high-skill, high-growth jobs that provide opportunities for advancement and higher earning potential.

Start Your Job Search Today

The goal of Workforce Solutions is to create a strong, competitive workforce that meets the needs of both job seekers and employers in the region. To begin your job search visit one of our offices, schedule an appointment, or begin your job search online.

Child Care Solutions

For parents of young children, quality child care is essential to finding and maintaining employment. BakerRipley and Workforce Solutions offer a number of options that benefit parents as well as their children, including:

Training & Education Scholarships

Workforce Solutions scholarships support training for some of the region’s high-skill, high-growth occupations. If you’re interested in career training, Workforce Solutions can help you determine what you want to study, how to pay for it, and where you might go for assistance.

The simplest way to begin exploring these options is to meet with a Workforce Solutions professional at one of our offices. These conversations are free of charge and offer a highly personalized approach to discovering career options, training, and types of financial aid.

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