Leadership Training & Development

Training to become a leader within your own community.

The Leadership Training and Development Program at BakerRipley equips Neighbors to empower themselves as leaders of their own communities by becoming Community Engineers. Participants learn how to influence policy formation and government response, address local issues, conduct grassroots campaigns, and become agents of change.


Together we can make a positive change in our community

Neighbors who complete our free-of-charge Leadership Training and Development program are considered Community Engineers and are invited to participate in a cohort at their local BakerRipley Community Center. Community Engineers meet at least once a month to discuss issues in their community, brainstorm solutions, and take action to bring about the change they desire.

Community Engineers tackle problems dealing with:

  • Street repairs
  • Local parks
  • Access to special needs services for children
  • Industrial Facilities
  • and so much more


A message from a few of our Community Engineers

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