Health Promotion Classes

Evidence-based classes to keep you healthy at any age.

BakerRipley offers evidence-based Health and Wellness classes at more than 60 locations throughout Harris County for seniors, adults, families and children in both English and Spanish. Classes help you address specific health concerns and achieve your wellness goals.


There’s a class for everyone

In eight 2-hour classes, you’ll reduce your fear of falling by:

  • Learning to view falls as controllable
  • Setting goals for increasing activity levels
  • Making small changes to reduce the risk of falling at home
  • Exercises to increase strength and balance

A Matter of Balance will guide you through improving strength, coordination and balance, conducting a home safety evaluation and learning to get up and down safely.

Strategically combines the game of Bingo, exercise, and/or health education. You can join one of three unique 10-week courses working on either exercise only, exercise and fall prevention or exercise and nutrition. Participants play Bingocize twice a week for 45- 60 minutes.

An interactive workshop for those living with one or more chronic physical or mental health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, depression. During the six 2-hour classes, you learn about exercise, healthy eating, symptom management, and communication.

An interactive workshop for those living with chronic pain such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis, headache, or pelvic pain. During the six 2-hour classes, participants learn about exercise, healthy eating, and cognitive pain management and strategies for fatigue, sleep problems, and emotions.

 An interactive workshop recognized by the American Diabetes Association as a Diabetes Support Program, this program is designed for adults living with Type 2 Diabetes. During the six 2-hour classes, participants learn about exercise, healthy eating, symptom management, weight loss, and communication skills as well as how to manage sick days, the importance of glucose monitoring, and other necessary tests.

Helps educate and empower children ages 8 to 11 manage their asthma. In six, 40-minute sessions, children with asthma learn to detect warning signs, avoid their triggers, and build strategies to keep their asthma under control.

Features instruction in Tai Chi basics, home practice, and exercises to embed into activities of daily living. The class is designed for adults age 55 and older who live in the community, are concerned about falling or have fallen in the past year. Modified versions of this course are available for those with mobility issues.

Helps participants make healthier choices related to physical activity and healthy eating to make sitting, standing and walking easier.  This 10-week program meets twice a week for 90 minutes and includes education, interactive discussion, activities related to nutrition and physical activity and guided exercise.

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