Civic Education

Understanding the roles of government and how to use your voice effectively.

BakerRipley is rooted in the belief that community leadership should come from its residents. Through education, we empower community members to become well-informed leaders.


Our Civic Education program helps Neighbors use their voices effectively.

BakerRipley serves as a trusted source of information for Neighbors about how our local, state, and national governments are designed to operate. We offer educational sessions on a range of topics, from the responsibilities of a school board to the importance of voting in an upcoming election. Civic Education is the first step in helping Neighbors understand they have a voice and teaches them how to use that voice effectively.


Identify Elected Representatives

Our resources help people understand their rights, engage with their elected officials and stay up to date with events and policies affecting their community.

Join Us

Visit our calendar and join us for an upcoming event or email us to partner with our Civic Education program.

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