Child Care Payment Scholarships

Quality child care in multiple regions of Texas, so parents can work.

In partnership with Workforce Solutions, BakerRipley supports families by providing scholarships for children from birth to 13 years of age. Funding is provided by Harris County and Workforce Solutions in the Gulf Coast, Capital Area, Coastal Bend, East Texas, and Rural Capital Areas. In most cases, parents pay a portion of child care based on their household income and the number of children receiving care.


We care about your children

Helping families pay for child care is one aspect of our work, but we also want to make sure children receive high-quality care. BakerRipley, in partnership with Workforce Solutions, works with child care centers and families to:

  • Recruit early care and education providers, contracting with them to accept our scholarships
  • Provide educational support to providers through training, mentorship, educational materials, and professional development
  • Offer technical assistance to providers about business management and how to access grant funds
  • Educate families on how to choose a high-quality environment for their children
  • Pay scholarships directly to centers on behalf of eligible families

Parent Eligibility

Each parent and step-parent, living in the household, must be working, attending school, in training/other educational program through a bachelors degree (time limitations apply), or a combination of these, at least an average of 25 hours a week over a review period for single parents or 50 combined hours for 2-parent households or actively looking for employment.

Provider Eligibility

Must be licensed or registered with the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (HHSC) as a child care center, licensed child care home or a registered child care home, or operated and monitored by the United States Military Services, and be in good standing with the licensing agency.


Our childcare support is offered in many parts of Texas. Choose your region below to learn more and apply.

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