New Mural Celebrating Fraga Family Legacy Unveiled


A Legacy Worth Celebrating

On Friday, November 3, 2023, BakerRipley and other members of the community came together to honor Felix Fraga and the Fraga family by unveiling a new mural at the BakerRipley Ripley House Campus. The event, called “Inspiring Generations of Service,” celebrated Felix Fraga and the Fraga family’s lasting impact on Houston’s East End neighborhood.

Felix Fraga, a native of Houston’s Second Ward, has become a defining figure in the area. His journey with community service began in his teens, working at his local community center. This early experience led him to pursue a master’s degree in social work, setting the course for his impactful career.  Fraga’s professional journey took root at the Rusk Settlement House in 1946, and in the years following, Fraga became an integral part of BakerRipley, including his pivotal role as Director of Ripley House Community Center from 1970 to 1990.   

During his time at Ripley House, Felix earned a reputation for his knowledge of city public services and keen understanding of community needs and aspirations. He was thus encouraged to extend his service to public office. Beginning in 1990, Felix served on the Board of the Houston Independent School District for three years. Then, in 1993, he successfully ran for Houston City Council, representing District H until 1999. All the while, he remained with BakerRipley. The decedents of Felix Fraga have continued to impact the community, going on to become business owners, judges, and elected officials, all well-known in the East End and the larger Houston area. 

The Unveiling of the Fraga Wall Mural 

The story of how the Fraga Wall mural came to be was equally as beautiful. In June 2020, amid the pandemic, a collection of historical photos from the 1960s and 1970s featuring Felix Fraga was discovered. This led to a mission, supported by Commissioner Adrian Garcia, to create a timeline exhibit that connected the past with the present, linking the community to Felix and Nelly Fraga’s significant work. 

Claudia Aguirre, the President & CEO of BakerRipley, wholeheartedly embraced the idea. Mikaela Selley, a Latina historian and curator, dedicated herself to bringing this project to life to preserve the history of Felix and Nelly Fraga for future generations. Valero also backed the project and helped donate the funds to help the mural come to life. 

Continuing the Legacy 

This special occasion served as a guiding light for future generations. The enduring legacy of the Fraga family’s commitment to service continues to inspire and direct the community work at BakerRipley. We warmly invite all of our staff, Neighbors, and the community to visit the Ripley House Campus and witness firsthand the remarkable Fraga Wall mural. This beautiful exhibit is a vivid chronicle of the enduring legacy of Felix Fraga and his family’s profound impact on our community. As you stand before this timeline exhibit, you’ll find yourself immersed in a story of dedication, unity, and community spirit. It’s an inspiring journey through history that celebrates the remarkable contributions of the Fraga family.  

BakerRipley is dedicated to continuing the legacy of the Fraga family’s unwavering commitment to community service. We invite you to join our organization as a volunteer. By offering your time and skills, you too can contribute to the spirit of community service so passionately upheld by the Fraga family and thousands of other volunteers. Together, we can keep their spirit of service and community thriving for generations to come. Volunteer with Us.