Brewing for a Cause: How an East End Brewery’s Charitable IPA is Crafting Community Change


Equal Parts Brewery turned their craft into a community mission this past summer through the invention of the Shared Strength Campaign. For each Shared Strength beer sold, a portion of the proceeds went to BakerRipley Ripley House, supporting its cause of delivering community-based programs for a stronger, healthier community. The seasonal specialty beer is named, “Charitable IPA”, not only quenched the thirst of its consumers, but also poured generosity into the community, raising an impressive $5,025 through its sales. This initiative represents how a local brewery’s innovative spirit can effectively blend philanthropy with the art of brewing, making a tangible difference in the community it serves. 

Widening the Circle of Impact

Nestled in the vibrant East End of Houston, Equal Parts Brewery embodies a unique philosophy where the art of brewing meets the precision of science. This harmonious approach is evident in every aspect of their operation, from their creatively crafted beers to their meticulous brewing techniques. Driven by a team committed to self-improvement and excellence, Equal Parts not only excels in producing technically exceptional beers but also fosters a deep connection with the community. Their ethos is rooted in the belief that great beer is a product of both innovative artistry and rigorous scientific methods, a belief that resonates in every pint they serve. This commitment to balance and excellence makes Equal Parts Brewery a standout establishment, reflecting the spirit of a community that supports and inspires them. 

For Equal Parts Brewery, Charitable IPA is much more than just a beer; it’s a symbol of hope and a vehicle for progress within Houston’s diverse communities. Committed to supporting the very people who have been integral to the city’s prosperity—immigrants, people of color, women, and other diverse residents—the brewery viewed the funds raised as critical steps towards sustaining the inclusive success of these communities, thereby reinforcing Houston’s collective strengths. This mission found resonance in their choice to donate to BakerRipley Ripley House, a decision deeply meaningful to Juni Rodriguez, the Community Engagement Manager at Equal Parts. “The Ripley House is a force for positive change in Second Ward. They understand the importance of building stronger, smarter, healthier and happier communities. We wanted to use our beer as a platform to be the pebble that creates ripples in the pond of progress,” she explained.  

A Taste of Shared Strength

Juni Rodriguez takes pride in the Charitable IPA’s unique profile. “It’s a fresh and easy-to-drink session IPA with a slight sweetness that complements its restrained west coast hop bitterness. With hints of grapefruit, lemon, and pineapple.” This delightful combination of flavors not only appeals to beer enthusiasts but also resonates with the spirit of giving back to the community. “It makes doing good as refreshing for the tongue as it is for the soul,” she describes. This specialty beer was only brewed for the summer of 2023, so anyone looking to try the Charitable IPA now is unfortunately out of luck. However, Equal Parts Brewery plans to keep the campaign going every summer, bringing a new flavor to be on the lookout for. 

In a move to widen their impact, Equal Parts Brewery inspired over a dozen bars and restaurants across Houston to join the campaign, selling batched of Charitable IPA to their customers. Each restaurant personally handed the profits to the BakerRipley Ripley House. This initiative was not the first collaboration between Equal Parts and BakerRipley, as the brewery had previously supported BakerRipley through events like the Sigma Running Club 1K Race, solidifying a foundation of mutual understanding and shared objectives. Jill Campbell the Director of Immigration & Citizenship at BakerRipley, assisted with the operations of the Shared Strength campaign. She found out about the initiative one day while visiting the brewery, and quickly spread the word to other BakerRipley employees about the cause. “It’s really cool to see how a business in the bars and alcohol industry cross-brand with a nonprofit can,” remarked Jill Campbell, Director of Immigration & Citizenship at BakerRipley. The funds will be used to support the programs BakerRipley Ripley House offers for people of all ages such as civic engagement initiatives, English and GED classes, tax and utility assistance, and digital and technology skills. 

Celebrating Community and Collaboration

The culmination of the Shared Strength Campaign was celebrated at a special event hosted by Equal Parts Brewery. Here, BakerRipley and Equal Parts Brewery employees gathered to honor the successful collaboration, and a check representing the summer’s efforts was proudly presented to BakerRipley. The rustic, lively atmosphere was overcome with joy and community engagement, as employees socialized and enjoyed the wide selection of freshly brewed beer. The Equal Parts Brewery was proud to share the story of the partnership and offer recommendations from their beer selection. The BakerRipley immigration team, Equal Parts Brewery owners, and the BakerRipley Ripley House Team gathered around the check for a picture. “Working with BakerRipley has been incredibly rewarding. Their team is passionate about what they do and knows how to have fun,” shared Juni. 

The Future of Shared Strength

Looking ahead, there is much excitement about future collaborations. “We’re eager to continue using our platform for positive change,” shares Juni. “The response from the community has been incredible, and we can’t wait to see how our next brew can further support the amazing work being done at BakerRipley.” The Shared Strength Campaign by Equal Parts Brewery and BakerRipley is a shining example of how local businesses can make a significant impact in their communities. The Charitable IPA is a symbol of Equal Parts Brewery’s commitment to making a difference. As they continue to blend the art of brewing with the heart of community service, Equal Parts Brewery reminds us all of the power we hold in making our communities stronger and more inclusive. 


To stay informed on the future Shared Strength campaigns, follow BakerRipley and Equal Parts Brewing on all social media platforms. Be on the lookout for future initiatives from both organizations and find out how you can be part of this positive change. To learn more about Equal Parts Brewing or Ripley House, click the links below.